A Dream Wedding Destination

Dreaming of a wedding on a tropical (but not deserted) island? Here at Dara Samui Beach Resort, the team will fine tune this dream to make it a reality. Choose a Traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony or a Western Beach Wedding Ceremony … OR BOTH … the Dara Samui team will orchestrate this (or these) magical moment (or moments) for you seamlessly (exclude weather!).

Thai Wedding Ceremony

A Thai Wedding Ceremony is a celebration that seamlessly weaves together tradition, elegance and heartfelt emotions. From the captivating rituals to the exquisite cultural details, every element of this ceremony reflects the essence of love, respect and unity. Embark on this extraordinary journey and create memories that will last a lifetime. Let the enchantment of a Thai Wedding Ceremony bring your dreams of a truly unique and unforgettable wedding to life. Our team at Dara Samui Beach Resort will be orchestrating this dream for you, impeccably.
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Thai & Western Wedding Ceremony

Cannot decide if you should have a Thai Wedding Ceremony or a Western Wedding Ceremony … allow us to recommend a Thai and Western Wedding Ceremony. These ceremonies are a diverse cultural experience, a fusion of traditions, a harmonious celebration, a multicultural affair, a cross cultural experience and a marriage of customs. With the experienced team at Dara Samui Beach Resort, we will orchestrate these plans without a glitch.
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Western Wedding Ceremony

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, in the presence of family and friends, to celebrate the love and commitment of …..” Dreaming of exchanging your precious vows on a tropical island – if this is your dream, Dara Samui Beach Resort is your venue. Our experienced team will happily orchestrate the wedding plans on your behalf flawlessly.
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ONLY 2 Wedding Ceremony

If you would like to have a quiet and private wedding ceremony just for yourselves, Dara Samui Beach Resort is your perfect venue. The venue is stunning as it will be an air-conditioned setting in a glass room with a view of the beach and the sea. The best part of all, other than 31st December and 1st January, you can have this auspicious ceremony any day. . .
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